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My clients are my business and I always treat every aspect with absolute due care. Recommending people/services is always a little tough, but in your case, my clients are thanking me. You and your staff worked with my clients and their insurance companies with the utmost professionalism and I do not believe that things could have gone any better.

Rick Stoes
Managing Director, Principal
Grubb & Ellis, New Mexico

I am forever thankful for your services regarding my retail center claim after the Fort Worth tornado.

Matt Mildress
Sr. Vice President
Trammel Crow Company

... in negotiations with clients in both Cancun and Mexico City (Group ECE a Carlos Slim Helu' company);
Continental Adjusters and all its personnel always handled themselves in a professional manner and did what they said they would do.

Reynaldo Vizcarra Mendez
Baker & McKenzie S.C

Mountain C.I owns five (5) building complexes comprising of 48 luxury rental condos in Grand Cayman. We sustained a loss of approximately 4.5 million dollars due to Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

Mountain C.I initially tried handling the claim by engaging a local Caymanian Quality Surveying firm and handling the contents and insurance ourselves.

After a couple of months it became apparent that the Insurance Company Adjusters were not acting in good faith and were deliberately dragging on moving the claim forward.

After engaging Continental Adjusters in early January, they very quickly estimated loss and dealt with the Insurance Company Adjusters in a firm, professional and friendly manner. They also kept the pressure on the Insurance Company to ensure our claim was dealt with in an expedient manner.

This resulted in our claim being settled and paid within a couple of months of engaging Continental

Mountain C.I was one of the few property owners on the Island that recovered enough insurance money to fully cover our losses.

If our Company should ever suffer another catastrophic loss, we will not waste any time and intend to engage Continental immediately.

Less Boris
Mountain C.I, Grand Cayman

Thank you for providing your Professional Loss Consulting services after Hurricane Wilma devastated Cancun and Cozumel. We were impressed with your team of professionals and their expediency and thoroughness throughout the entire process.

Erich Zinser Cieslik
Groupo ECE - Cancun, Mexico City

I know the term "expert" is used too much, but in the case of Continental Adjusters, Inc., it is spot on. After a lengthy legal battle with (left blank intentionally), we attempted to resolve the matter through the appraisal process. "X's" representative made a last offer of $224,544.13. After examining every room of every building in the city for damage, the umpire sided with you for $5,311,476. I can't say enough about the quality of your work and dedication to detail on dozens of building. The results of your win confirm your hard efforts.

Bruce Steckler
Steckler Law

It has been a pleasure working with Continental Adjusters during both Hurricane Katrina and now the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac.

Continental Adjusters' team of experts professionally negotiated with the insurance company, worked with our team to expedite the claims, kept me posted throughout the entire process and recovered funds from the insurance company that exceeded our expectations.

I would highly recommend Continental Adjusters to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.

Calvin Fayard
Fayard & Honeycutt, APC

We have used Continental Adjusters for over 20 claims in the past three years. Continental has always been proactive and diligent in representing our interests. We would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Stephen T. Hurst
H3 Advisors, LLC

You are a true professional in every way and the bottom line is you deliver results in the form of more money in their pocket than they could have gotten otherwise on their own.

Tim Strange CCIM, SIOR
Newark Grubb Levy Strange Belfort

The purpose of this letter is to memorialize our appreciation of your efforts regarding the insured loss in Atlanta, Georgia. This was the first instance I elected to use a public adjuster, and as you are aware, the final settlement was more than double what the insurance company initially offered.

Kenneth Dunn

On behalf of St. Bernard Parish Government, I would like to thank your company and the team we worked with in successfully prosecuting the St. Bernard Parish claim against CNA Insurance Company, as well as the Sewerage & Water Board's claim against Hanover Insurance Company. Your company's timely and fair adjustment of our damages, along with the supporting details provided the support which formed the basis of our successful litigation strategy. We have recommended your firm to other persons and entities and will continue to do so without qualification. Again thank you for your help and best wishes for your and your company's future.

Michael C. Ginart, JR.
Frank Audrer, Counsel Co-Chair
Craig Taffaro, President
St. Bernard Parish

The adjuster from insurance company inspected the damage and was trying go to get us to settle for $125,000.00. I felt that offer was low, but I did not have the experience, time, or knowledge to prove otherwise. After you and your firm were engaged, you prepared your report with my best interest in mind and as result we settled my claim for $ 755,000.00.

I was under the impression that my insurance company would take care of me during a loss, when in actuality "The burden of proof is upon the named insured to prove its loss to the carrier". I want you to communicate my story so that others may benefit from your experience, professionalism, and knowledge of the claims process. Without Continental Adjusters, Inc. I would have had to rely on the insurance company's representative to write his report hopping that he was looking out for my best interest, not the company paying his salary. In my opinion, it's conflict of interest!

Gregg Trenor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in helping us settle our claim with Travelers Insurance caused by a severe hail storm. Your prompt response and expedited service made it possible for us to continue our day to day operation with little interruption.

Your expertise in handling our claim allowed us to receive the compensation to repair the damages without utilizing our own funds. The team if experts working for Continental was impressive, not only in the insurance personnel, but also in the way they worked with our staff to expedite the claim.

It has been a pleasure working with Continental Adjusters and we will certainly call you again should the need arise. You have our recommendation for anyone seeking to use your services.

Douglas Jaffe
Chairman of the Board
Horseshoe Bay Resort, Ltd.

I wanted to take few moments to thank you and your staff for the tremendous job that Continental Adjusters did for Gardner-Tanenbaum while representing our interest during the hail storm that hit Oklahoma City. Once your services were obtained, you hit the ground running and blanketed our OKC commercial property portfolio and advised us which locations had been compromised by the hail event.

With your guidance, claims were submitted to the appropriate insurance companies as Continental assessed the damages and wrote very detailed estimates. I cannot tell you how pleased we were when you guys negotiated and expedited fair settlements with the numerous different insurance companies that were involved. In one instance alone Continental recovered for us over $6,000,000.00 to replace the roofs on our warehouses and we had been told by our roofer that they were only slightly damaged!

Doug, my attention is focused on revitalizing Oklahoma City's real estate market. Because of your knowledge and your team's efforts, Gardner-Tanenbaum was able to focus on our day to day business and was not bothered by the task of watching the carrier to make sure that we are getting a fair settlement. You gave us that ability!

If you are ever in a situation where you explaining your services to anyone and they are having trouble trying to decide if they should engage your services or not, please feel free to use my name as a reference and have them call me immediately! Again, thank you for a job well done.

Richard I. Tanenbaum,
Gardner Tanenbaum Holdings

...after the insurance company came out for a walk through, we had some reservations. When we asked for a "guesstimate" on the damage the number was quickly shot out at a $200,000 range. Although we are not in the construction industry, we knew that the number was dramatically different then our initial estimate. At the point Doug Morris from Continental Adjusters was recommended to us. Not only did they handled all of the tedious leg work in getting appraisals for repair, they also handled all of the negotiations with the insurance company. The claim ended up being $750,000+ rather than the ball parked $200,000 we started with. Not only did they get us additional money they freed up our time to concentrate on our inventory.

Dean Buschick
General Manager
Roger Beasley Audi and Saab

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