Professional Claim Representation

197 years of combined commercial property loss experience

Continental Adjusters, Inc. annually handles hundreds of claims across the country and worldwide in settlement values up to $250,000,000. Our firm's cutting-edge technology, in-house specialists and decades of experience make us leaders in the insurance industry.

A public adjuster represents you, not your insurance company. We're here to assess the damage to your property and make sure you get the maximum settlement.

Call 1-(800)-617-0487 to speak with a consultant today.

Maximize Your Loss

We Represent The Insured Only.

Our public adjusters can maximize your loss

The adjusters working for your insurance company are loyal to your insurer - not you. A public adjuster works for you and only you. You can count on our insurance adjuster to work tirelessly on your claim.

Continental Adjusters, Inc. is a full service in-house adjusting company that provides:

We utilize cutting-edge technology that you will not find with our competitors.

Contact our firm's headquarters in Dallas, TX, today to learn more about what our first-rate specialists can do for you.


Since 1999, Continental Adjusters, Inc. has established a record of success. Our decades of knowledge and experience make us the right choice for you. We represent commercial properties all over the country and worldwide. Commercial property owners are dependent on a talented, experienced and ethical Public Adjuster.

By carefully measuring and documenting your property damage, we make sure that your insurance company gives you every cent they owe you.

Hire a Public Adjuster Who Is Licensed in 28 States

Let Continental Adjusters, Inc. procure the best possible settlement for you

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