Turning Setbacks into Recoveries with Forensic Accounting

Making sure all financial details are accurately accounted for can give businesses a chance to claim their losses accurately and recover. At CONTINENTAL ADJUSTERS, we specialize in forensic accounting for such cases.

Navigating Claims with Forensic Accounting 

Here’s how our forensic accounting services provide an upper hand when it comes to dealing with insurance claims:

Exhaustive Financial Investigations

Forensic accounting goes beyond traditional accounting. It combines auditing with investigative skills to examine a business’s or individual’s financials thoroughly. Through meticulous investigations, we ensure all financial nuances relating to your claim are captured.

Representation for Varied Industries

We represent a broad range of industries, including: Multifamily, Offices, Industrial, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Government Entities, Schools and more. Our forensic accounting expertise extends to all kinds of claims, including those stemming from stoppages or slowdowns in production.

Addressing Loss of Rent and Business Interruptions

The financial implications of events that lead to business interruptions or loss of rent can be substantial. Our forensic accounting services are geared towards ensuring these ramifications are appropriately reflected in your claims.

Our Commitment

Our forensic accounting services stand out for their comprehensive scope and attention to detail:

  • Relentless Digging for Discrepancies: In case of any discrepancy in financial records, our forensic accountants don’t stop at the surface. We dig deeper and pull records from the past three years to determine the loss’s precise impact on your business.
  • Servicing Across States: Our services span over 30 states and other places worldwide. Wherever you are in our service range, you can rely on our forensic accounting services to help recover your rightful claim.

Talk to Our Forensic Accountants Today

Having a forensic accountant from CONTINENTAL ADJUSTERS on your side means combining financial vigilance with recovery resilience. Our accurate accounting ensures that you recover every cent that you’re owed. Reach out to us today for more details.