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How Public Adjusters Can Help Homeowners during COVID-19 Crisis

For decades, public adjusters have provided support and guidance to homeowners during times of crisis. They are there to offer information and ensure that homeowners’ rights are protected during one of the most difficult times in their lives. What does this mean during the COVID-19 pandemic? The entire country is dealing with the crisis and it is far different than what public adjusters are used to. But it is a crisis, nonetheless. And for many, […]

Cosmetic and functional damage

Great article by Merlin Law on negotiating with insurance company adjusters to ensure “cosmetic” damage is covered in the event your policy has “cosmetic exclusion” language.  

Billions in damage expected, Data from CoreLogic

Florida Number of Homes at Risk 1,262,307 RCV $246,361,033,055 South Carolina Number of Homes at Risk 338,640 RCV $77,658,933,162 North Carolina Number of Homes at Risk 244,712 RCV $48,993,759,049 Georgia Number of Homes at Risk 148,718 RCV $32,052,255,097

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