Multi-Family, Property Owner Associations & Condominium Associations should call us! Multi-family and condominium association claims are very complex and should be negotiated by proven professionals. Continental Adjusters are the proven professionals you need. We have assisted hundreds of multi-family and condominium associations in obtaining the settlement they deserve. We understand how overwhelming and disruptive damage caused by fire, hail, wind, water, flood, hurricane and other perils are to your company. The Continental Adjusters’ team has assisted in securing a large number of multi-million dollar condominium settlements. We provide total support from start to finish. Providing our services on multi-family, POA and condominium claims requires a tenacious attitude. All claims require carefully tailored solutions unique to each property. After a hurricane, or any covered peril, the problem could be all about governing documents, ownership interests, and insurance coverage analysis. Insurance company adjusters work exclusively for the insurance company – they do NOT have your interests in mind when adjusting a claim. They analyze property losses in a way that results in minimal payment. Insurance companies also enjoy an upper hand when the owners of the insured property are not fully aware of all the clauses of their insurance policy provides. Continental Adjusters works EXCLUSIVELY for you the insured; we negotiate ONLY on your behalf with the insurance company. The Continental Adjusters’ team includes all necessary resources – engineers, building contractors and forensic accountants to analyze and evaluate your claim. As Loss Consultants, we professionally determine all aspects of damage to your structure(s) to ensure you receive the largest possible settlement. We are well aware of tactics used to delay, deny and underpay claims. The sooner you involve our professional experience, the quicker and better the outcome will be for you. We can often help in claims that were denied, delayed or are grossly underpaid. We have dealt with Condominium Association Boards for decades and understand their nuances. Meeting the expectations and requirements of many different personalities and different mindsets is a challenge Continental Adjusters takes very seriously. Our focus is always to be the team leader and represent the Association through a single, knowledgeable voice to your insurance company.
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