Forensic Accounting Loss of Rents and BI Claims

Loss of Rents Claims

Loss of Rents claims occur when damage to your building effects the tenant’s ability to occupy. This coverage will pay you for the “Loss of Rents” to the extent that all, or a portion of, the structure is uninhabitable. It protects a landlord when a fire, or other casualty, damages the property.

Business Interruption (BI) Claims

Business interruption insurance provides funds to make up the difference between your business' normal income and its income during and immediately after a forced shutdown. When a business suffers a property loss – such as a fire, storm damage, theft or vandalism – it may be forced to close for some time or move to a new location, temporarily or permanently. Business interruption coverage should provide additional money to cover these kinds of losses and expenses. Continental Adjusters has the necessary expertise in the form of Forensic Accountants, if needed. How the loss is calculated, including the duration of the pre-loss period used to project what would have happened had there been no loss, can make a big difference in what you are paid. Some operations, like hotels, must be closed for a period of time during restoration. Business Interruption coverage is very important in the event this occurs. Continental Adjusters has the necessary expertise in the form of forensic accountants, if needed. Also, local building codes often require upgrades like fire suppression systems/sprinklers during reconstruction. Call for a more in depth analysis as to what the language in your policy allows relating to this coverage.
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