• 1- Establish communication with the Policyholder and answer any questions.
  • 2- Prioritize the Policyholder’s immediate needs and secure the property from further damage and liability.
  • 3- Examine the policy to determine the way the provisions are written and to understand what the Policyholder is entitled to receive.
  • 4- Establish communication with the insurance company’s representatives.
  • 5- Meet the adjuster to negotiate the scope and costs of damage.
  • 6- Prepare an independent estimate using the latest insurance industry sofware.
  • 7- Gather documentation and prepare all property inventories.
  • 8- Prepare information for business interruption and loss of rents claims.
  • 9- Present insurance claim package to the adjuster in a carrier specific format.
  • 10- Maximize your interests and settle the claim like we have for hundreds of satisfied Policyholders.
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