Hotel and Motel Insurance Claims

Losses to hotel and motel properties can often be enormous regarding monetary damages as they are often built in areas that may have high-risk factors such as flooding, windstorm damage, hurricanes and exposure from earthquakes. One of the challenges in this property class is the possibility the entire operation must be closed for a period of time. Business Interruption coverage is very important in the event this occurs. Continental Adjusters has the necessary expertise in the form of forensic accountants, if needed. Also, local building codes often require upgrades like fire suppression systems/sprinklers during reconstruction. Does your policy have Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Value? Coinsurance? Law and ordinance? What are the deductibles for the type of damage sustained (Hail, Fire, Wind, Flood, Etc.)? Continental Adjusters is adept at ensuring any standards imposed by the franchisor and/or parent organization are met. Resolving the issues above will have a major impact on any business interruption/loss of income claim. The earlier Continental Adjusters is involved the greater chance you will have a positive outcome. Often owners and managers try to “take care of it by themselves”; call Continental Adjusters, so you don’t get “taken by the insurance company.” Leverage our experience and expertise to your benefit when faced with the claims process. We pride ourselves on obtaining the maximum claims settlement under the provisions of your policy.
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